Free CV Review in 48H

Send your resume to Jump in Vietnam HR expert team and improve your CV for free!

Why should you get your CV review?

On average, a company, depending on its size, will receive between 30 to 3000 CV for the same position. Did you know that recruiters in the world spend on average 10 seconds per resume they receive!? It means, in 10 seconds they are able to determine if the application worth reading or not…

Whether you have a very great profile because you come from a reputated school. Or because you created a beautiful CV to impress employers, it doesn’t ensure you will catch his/her attention.

At Jump in Vietnam, with our experience in HR since 2014, we are able to share our expertise about sorting CV and help applicants to create an efficient resume.

So, the best way to be selected for an interview is to ask people around you to review your resume. But what if you can’t find any? What if you wish to get useful advice? It isn’t easy to find people willing to spend time to read your resume. And it is even harder to find experts in human ressources to give you great advice.

Jump in Vietnam team commits to help out any candidate looking for a job in Vietnam. This is why we created this free CV review service.

How do you get my Free CV review?

You have one step to follow: send your CV at nicolas @ by email.
* Please make sure you send us your resume with details attached to the email. For example, explain us what jobs you apply for at the moment and the problems or questions you may have.

It is secured and we promise to keep your data confidential.
Within 48H, our team will get back to you with our review.

What includes the free CV review service?

With our experience in sorting resume, Jump in Vietnam can provide a personalized review of each applicant who send their resume to us:

  • Content: missing information, spelling mistakes or typo, hazardeous or unconsistent phrases, etc.
  • Layout: choices of font and colors, picture quality, presentation, organisation of the content, etc.

In addition, for applicants who wish to ask more questions and get more advice, Jump in Vietnam prepared everything! You can join our Facebook group and our Linkedin group to ask questions, apply to job offers and stay in touch with Jump in Vietnam community!

What are you waiting for? Send us your resumé and we will review it for free! 100% satisfaction guaranted!